The Benefits of Ceramic Pots

Ceramic Pots - Lanna Stone whiteOne of the most significant benefits of ceramic pots is that they have thick walls that protect plant roots from rapid changes in temperature which can be destructive. It helps protect from warm weather in the summer and cold conditions in the winter so as to provide a more consistent soil temperature. Another advantage is that they also have a fair amount of weight and therefore do not blow over as easily as some plastic pots.

Other Benefits of Ceramic Pots

When unglazed, Ceramic pots also provide a healthy environment for most plants by allowing air and moisture to penetrate into the sides of the pot. The moisture and air can be utilised by the fine roots located at the edge where the soil and pot walls meet. Unglazed ceramic pots can also act to remove excess moisture from the potting soil by absorbing it into the clay.

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